Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization and Marketing

Imagine, all the information your shoppers need, within 3 clicks of a mouse.

How do you improve conversion? How do you convert your visitors into clients?

Landing Page Optimization, and Search Engine Optimization can help you improve your site’s worth and ranking, as well as your website’s traffic. But how do you improve conversion? How do you convert your visitors into clients, subscribers, or members, of your site? How do you get them to say ‘yes’ to your products or services? You can do that by hiring us to help you with Search Engine Marketing (SEM),  Website development, and Landing Page Optimization.

So, what is “Landing Page Optimization”?

Landing page optimization works closely in tune with your marketing and PPC campaigns; its main goal is to stop your pay-per-click money drain, as quickly as possible. Page optimization is about creating the viable product experience your visitors want, which must be achieved within three clicks of their mouse. Yes, three clicks, no more.

Improving your customers purchasing experience can potentially net you hundreds of sales a month. Call and ask about our Landing Page Optimization services and we’ll give you a website analysis for FREE! 604-341-0277

Landing page optimization funnels all your visitors to a single page,  the landing page or pages in your site that will provide all the information your visitor is really looking for; this page will include a conversion form that will help you track your visitors post-click experience and behavior. The goal of this page is to guide your visitors buying experience, or to persuade them to fill-in your email subscription form for example. The main focus of this page is always to covert your traffic into happy and willing visitors or  clients.

A landing page is something you will need every time you want to accomplish some specific result that needs to be tracked and analyzed. Call and ask how we can optimize conversion of your website landing pages. You should consider adding this important service to your website budget; it’s worth every penny, see how you can improve ROI (return on investment) when you begin your webmaster and SEO services with

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