Webmaster Services

We offer webmaster and search engine optimization (SEO) services for small to medium size websites, including Content Management System (CMS) support for websites built with WordPress™, for full Blog and e-Commerce integration, at the most competitive prices in San Diego.

Ask for for our Website Design and Development packages.

Free Spirit Media Webmaster Services in a nutshell; this is what we do for your website:

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Basic Webmaster Services package:

SEO Basic Webmaster Services package information
SEO Basic Webmaster Services package information

So affordable you’ll think we are joking!

1. All Meta Tags added
2. Site Submit to Google™
3. Site Analysis  (Google Analytics)
4. Robots.txt Added (Get your website indexed by the main search engines).
5. Pix and Text: Limited Changes and pix optimization
6. Geo-targeted SEO

(Non-profits, please feel free to call us and ask about our Non-Profit services program.)

Business Webmaster Services:



1. Link analysis (KNOW YOUR COMPETITION!)

2. Site Analysis (Full Google™ Analytics)

Regular price $349/mo.

3. Geo Targeted Google Local Business

4. Monthly Report for Web Rank Analysis

5. Optimized Merchant Circle Account

6. Content and Keyword Update.

Premium Webmaster Services:

SEO premium webmaster services details

1. Monthly update of site tags, keywords and strategy

For those ready to take their virtual and street business to the next level. Call and save!

2. Weekly product database updates

3. Upload to your store server of your product images (No optimization included)

4. SEO and Link Exchange updates included

5. Optimized Merchant Circle account included

6. Optimized Google Local account

7. Accounts in popular boards open

8. Publishing of your posts and advertisements

9. Monthly Detailed reports and More!

*Image optimization in this case refers to re-sizing, applying levels, color balance, etc.

√ Account Statistics

√ Report Center

√ Conversion Tracking

√ Account Snapshot & Alerts

√ Google Analytics

√ Geographic Performance report

√ More!