Flash Presentations

Let our creative team breathe life into your delivery with an engaging Flash slideshow. Whether it is a speech or a pitch, we can develop an animated Flash movie that summarises your key points in a captivating presentation format that resonates with your target audience. Create a point of difference and leave a lasting impression with an innovative presentation that inspires your audience.

All too often presenters get caught in the trap of relying on a tired old PowerPoint file as the basis of their presentation. Back in 1997, one may be forgiven for using clip art and primitive animation effects to create a gimmicky presentation. In today’s competitive business environment, a memorable presentation involves a more unique approach. Most presenters are challenged by a demanding audience with a limited attention span. You only get one opportunity to engage the audience’s attention, so you need to make it count.

Our talented design team can work in close partnership with you to create a tailor made slide show that compliments your presentation. We make it our business to understand the subject matter in granular detail. This allows us to inject our creative flare into an animated Flash movie that conveys the underlying messages in the most engaging format. Using a combination of slick animation, video integration, stylish design, interactive charts and custom made graphic, we prepare comprehensive slideshow that builds an instant rapport with your audience.

All of our interactive Flash presentations can be transferred to a CD or USB drive for instant plug and play capability.

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Our Flash presentations are perfect for:

  1. Corporate presentations
  2. Education seminars
  3. Speeches and sales pitches
  4. Marketing presentations