Social Media – Event Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The reach of a Social Media Marketing campaign is global, you will see instant increases in website traffic, leads, and sales. The use of Social Networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook coupled with blogging is a proven strategy to promote your business online.

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How Social Media Marketing Helps your Website:

  • Increased Traffic, Leads, and Sales
  • Further Developed Online Image
  • Reach Targeted Audience on Global Scale
  • Increased Links
  • Improved Search Engine Ranking

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Search Engine Optmization

Being found in the first page Google Search Results is the difference between just having a website and having a productive online presence. Eliminate the need for chasing after business with the most affordable marketing campaign available.

What Search Engine Optimization Can Achieve:

  • Get Free Organic Traffic to your Website
  • Bring your Target Audience Directly to You
  • Increase your Brand Exposure
  • Increase Leads and Sales
  • Expand Customer Base

Email Marketing

Email Marketing provides our clients with the ability to keep a long list of prospective clients that they may contact with specials, new services, recent company news, and other information. Email Marketing is a great way to get a following within your industry and can help convert potential customers.

How Email Marketing Increases Sales

  • Bring Potential Clients Back to your Website
  • Increase Brand Awareness and Following
  • Improve Inbound Link Count
  • Improve Reputation Within your Industry
  • Easily Update Clients on Latest Specials, etc.

Event Planning

We streamline the event planning and registration by eliminating the tedious administration process involved in managing an event. By automating event management with a content managed website, we reduce overhead costs and provide your users with a convenient means of registering online.

We can help you accelerate your productivity and eliminate management costs with a custom built event management website. Internal administration is the primary bottle neck that all businesses experience in organising and managing an event.

To combat this problem, we have developed flexible web software that integrates seamlessly with your Netstarter website. Our project management team work closely with you to define the key project objectives and identify how our event management system can be tailored to automate the registration process and simplify administration.

  • Flexible registration forms that can be customised in accordance with an requirements
  • Complete management of event information
  • Automates the communication channel with Customers
  • Maximise attendance and registrations
  • Search engine friendly
  • Eliminates administration costs and frees up funds for marketing purposes
  • Capable of integrating with legacy systems or third party CRM software
  • Improved cash flow with real time credit card processing for bookings
  • Comprehensive reporting and measurement analysis

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