SEO Basic Services


SEO BASIC WEBMASTER SERVICES includes Interpreting your Report’s Metrics & Monitoring Performance.

This webmaster service provides the basic search engine optimization necessary to have your website indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines, and others. The service includes interpreting your Report’s Metrics, and Monitoring your website’s online Performance.

What is “basic” SEO?

Basic SEO includes

1. Add robots.txt to your website

This document is used by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, to index your website’s pages, very much like you use(d) your Rolodex to index your contacts, or the DMV to register your car. This is a basic directive that also ensures that  ”bots” and “spiders” do not visit and index certain folders and pages as well.

2. Add all correct HTML tags (headers, images, content, etc) to your website pages

HTML tags are used to tell search engines what is your website about, making easier for visitors to find your content.

3. Create a Google Analytics account to monitor the progress of your website.

Google analytics is a FREE SEO tool; however, you need at least some basic HTML knowledge to be able to install the snippet that will help Google determine your website’s visitors and keyword activity.

4. Install Going Up analytics snippet. (FREE)

You will receive once monthly:

√ Account Statistics
√ Monthly  Google Analytics Report
√ Content and images updates in your website
√ All HTML tags updated (headers, images, content, etc)
√ Geographic Performance report

What this service will do for your site

This webmaster service will better your position in the search engine results pages, (SERP’s).

What this service won’t (necessarily) do for your site

This service won’t guarantee more traffic to your website, it guarantees your site will get indexed by the search engines.

Although better position in SERP’s will improve your traffic, (more visibility = greater click-through) the main goal of basic search engine optimization (SEO), is a better position in the search engine results pages, be it Google, Yahoo, or Bing, for example. Traffic is mainly driven through a collaborative effort of optimization and online marketing, which includes landing page optimization, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), and Marketing. To learn about how to improve not only your website position in SERP’s, but also your website traffic and conversion read about our SEO PRO Service.

For a short time only:

√ Just $199/Mo. after a one time set-up fee.

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